If there are no robots, killer AIs, time travel or spaceships in a novel, is it even SciFi?

Margaret Atwood caused controversy a few years back by claiming scifi was just “talking squids in outer space” and only speculative fiction (presumably like “Handmaid’s Tale”) was true literature.

Isaac Asimov reckoned…

Reality Doesn’t Scale — Could It?

Unfortunately, Colonel Jessup was right. You can’t handle the truth. No individual has been able to for a long time.

If truth is the sum of human knowledge: facts, theories, and debate, it’s huge and growing. It’s already too large for any human to stay on top of— even Tom…

Want to try a sample of Utopia Five, the first book in my scifi Panopticon Series, for size? Here’s the first chapter.

The full novel (and the whole Panopticon series) is available on Amazon as an ebook (UK 99p, US 99c + tax), paperback, or free on Kindle Unlimited.

Chapter 0ne — Rain


In 1818, a young woman called Mary Shelley published the first work of science fiction: Frankenstein. I suspect every scientist and engineer (including me) needs to read it.

Tl;dr? Just read this, you’ll get the gist.

A Reanimated Discussion

Frankenstein is a story about the danger of creating something without grokking the consequences…

Jeff Bezos is desperate to go to the Moon. Elon Musk is heading for Mars. Who’s right? What will realistic engineering look like on the Moon and how will the unfamiliar physics affect life there?

It’s Going To Be A Long Night

It’s clear that solar panels will be a vital lunar power source but getting enough…

My new SciFi novel Utopia Five is set in 2053. It’s about a post-cataclysm society where some of the inhabitants reckons it’s utopian, others dystopian. Who’s right?

If you think that whether you live in a dystopia or not is obvious, the book’s main character Lee argues it isn’t. My…

My new SciFi novel Utopia Five is set in 2053. It’s about a post-event society that some people consider utopian and some dystopian.

Whether you live in a dystopia or not feels like it should be obvious! But is it? What is the definition of a dystopia?

An “Event”

Anne Currie

SciFi author interested in tech, engineering, science, art, SF, economics, psychology, startups. Chaotic evil.

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