Coed:Code This Wednesday

This Wednesday there’ll be a pleasant evening of intelligent and affable tech chat at Coed:Code, a meetup we designed to be user-friendly for women, parents, minorities, older folk and men too! Our pattern is to start early (6) and finish early so you can get home at a reasonable time. We provide a range of food & drink (think salads and wine rather than beer and pizza) and we feature female and minority speakers and panels with panel-newbies and lots of audience participation.

We encourage networking with food and drink right from the start so people who can’t stay can still get the career benefit of friendly chats with people in their industry. Even if you can only drop by for 10 minutes it’s worth it.

This week, the tech focus of the evening will be on Cloud-based infrastructure and the pros and cons of platform-as-a-service (PaaS). We’ve got some great speakers and panel members.

Some of the speakers from the delightful Monkigras tech and craft conference (Thursday and Friday this week) will also be dropping by. Monkigras still has a couple of diversity scholarships left. Don’t be shy! It’s worth applying to attend their excellent event for free.

Have fun!


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Anne Currie

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