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  • Steve Worswick

    Steve Worswick

    Mitsuku's creator and developer. Mitsuku is the 5 times winner of the Loebner Prize and regarded as the world's most humanlike conversational AI

  • Timothy Chen

    Timothy Chen

    Entrepreneur focusing on solving problems with infrastructure and data

  • Chris Brandon

    Chris Brandon

    Enterpreneur; CEO at @Storage_OS, obsessed with storage

  • Wesley Reisz

    Wesley Reisz

    Wesley Reisz is an engineering leader (most recently VP of Technology at Section, an Edge Compute Platform). Wes also chairs the San Francisco edition of QCon a

  • Brosephine Wires

    Brosephine Wires

    Does this shade of lipstick match my outrage? https://favstar.fm/users/JoParkerBear http://trippingwires.kinja.com

  • Qlockwork


    Qlockwork add-in for #Outlook - the easiest way to #tracktime for #billing. No learning curve, get working immediately. Free trial.

  • Mark R. Hinkle

    Mark R. Hinkle

    Open Source, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Systems Management,Tech Junkie. VP of Marketing at the Linux Foundation.

  • Soviet Visuals

    Soviet Visuals

    Visuals from behind the Iron Curtain. Soviet (and bits of pre/post-Soviet) photography, architecture & design. USSR propaganda art. team@sovietvisuals.com

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