I like your comment! You are clearly thinking about this and you are right that although technologies exist that COULD cut your costs, we are all still spinning up more and more instances, because that’s easy in the cloud (and the k8s default is a lot of nodes, I’ve complained about that before in another post). Using k8s in a way that actually bin packs is not easy and it’s certainly not where anyone starts. I talked about exactly this at MuCon last year — the tech exists to be more efficient but if we prioritise developer productivity over cost then we probably won’t actually use it. AWS’s approach is in some ways better because they encourage you to start loads of machines you don’t really need and never get around to sizing down, but then they resell the resources you paid for but aren’t using to someone else. They show a good understanding of psychology there. The problem with AWS as pointed out by Greenpeace in their “Clean Click” report this week is they use pretty dirty electricity, so even if they are efficient (and they claim they are) US East is effectively coal-powered and growing at a huge rate. I’m not selling k8s (or anything else btw!) I just see which way we are headed (growing IT sector dirty energy use) and I want to point out some ways we could use less. All of these ways require you to put thought and commitment in though. Everyone wants to endlessly sell you more cloud and if you don’t fight it that’s exactly what will happen (I’m reviewing the Greenpeace report at the moment, it’s very interesting).

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