Who’s the Right Warlord for Your Personality?

My new SciFi novel Utopia Five (buy Amazon UK, US) is set in 2053. It’s about a post-cataclysm society. It doesn’t have a Warlord yet, but it has a few contenders.

If you were going to sign up with a totalitarian leader, who would you choose? It’s important to find a warlord who’s going to work for you in the long term because there may be a degree of lock-in.

Take our quiz and find out! It might change your life!

Q.A. You get a new job with a uniform. What are you thinking?

Q.B. What would your dream boss look like?

Q.C. What’s in your dream tearoom?

Q.D. What’s your preferred holiday policy?

Mostly 1’s — Emperor Palpatine (You are Lawful Evil)

You like top-down order and winning — an empire that’s a tight ship. All the interstellar freighters need to run on time and everyone should be consistently turned out— it called a uniform for a reason.

Alternatives: Tywin Lannister, The Night King, Supreme Leader Servalan

Mostly 2’s — Ming the Merciless (Flash Gordon) (You are Chaotic Evil)

You love an evil society where you are still free to be yourself. Your own fleet of Hawkmen? Strange coming-of-age practices? Wacky dress choices? Time off for your own projects? No problem! Provided you remember where your ultimate loyalites lie — the vision.

Alternatives: Sauron, Magneto, Mance Rayder, New Cercei

Mostly 3’s — Tina Turner (Mad Max 3) (You are Chaotic Good)

You hanker for a lifestyle where your warlord cares personally about you and the team but you still get the chance to let down your hair with a little cage fighting to the death. A clan-based authoritarian society with a relaxed dress code is your ideal.

Alternatives: Paul Atreides, Don Corleone, Euron Greyjoy, Most startups.

Mostly 4’s — Daenerys Targaryen (You are Lawful Good)

You don’t mind getting your hands dirty or even sacrificing yourself — if it’s for the greater good in the long term. You mean well and you believe your warlord does. As we all know: ends justify means.

Alternatives: Princess Leia, Professor X

My new SciFi novel Utopia Five is set in 2053. It’s a time and world-bending action adventure! It doesn’t have Rutger Hauer in it because it’s a book. So, don’t get your hopes up.

Buy it (Amazon UK, US).

SciFi author interested in tech, engineering, science, art, SF, economics, psychology, startups. Chaotic evil.

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